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N2 Elite Reviews By N2Elite Users

Posted on 27th Nov 2019 @ 6:16 PM

Reviews of the N2 Elite keep coming in and as the Official N2 Elite store we though you'd all like to see just what other N2 Users think about the latest N2 Elite updates and the product itself.  These are just some of our most recent reviews from customers.  Rather than trying to convince our visitors that we are their best option for making their N2 Elite purchase, we thought we would let our customers do the talking for us.


Review by: Chad - Chad couldn't be happier with his purchase.  He took a chance and placed an order with us, and was very pleasantly surprised by both the speed of delivery and the quality of the product - and that we always ship the newest versions!  Chad likes our N2 Kit with both the N2 elite and the USB Reader / Writer as well.

N2 Elite With USB Reader Writer

 5 out of 5 Stars.

I had bought the Power Tag setup and pretty much immediately realized I hated it. Having to use the PC, swapping the tag out over and over again got irritating really fast. I did some research and found this and decided to take the plunge. Got on here and started researching who I should buy it from because fakes are too easy to come by. When I was searching I saw a reply from N2Elite.ca to a question and decided to go with that seller. Best decision so far in 2018/2019. I hated that no one had Prime shipping, but went ahead with the sale. I had a delivery window that was fast, but as normal, a large window. Usually when that happens I get the item in the middle of the window or at the end. THE N2 SHOWED UP A DAY BEFORE THE EARLIEST EXPECTED DATE. Blew my mind because that has never happened. Another good bonus, recently N2 has changed their stickers from pure black to a purple like color and the N2 I received was the new line. Very pleased that I chose to buy from mentalKase and you should too. Barely any markup (Compared to the others), SUPER fast shipping and he sells the newer model.

The N2 itself is amazing. I haven't been this geeked out by a purchase in a long time. Works flawlessly with my S8 Plus and it is super easy to use. I've gushed about this to people who couldn't care less about the Switch, but I'm blown away by it. If you have a Switch and are a completionist, this is a must buy. It's higher than some other options, but the ability to store 200 Amiibo on here without ever needing to swap them out is incredible! You can if you want of course, but it's just so easy to go into the app, select the one you want and use that I don't know why you would...but to each their own.

Stop debating this and buy it. There's no better option, it is incredible.

Review by: C. N.  He stumbled on our product after doing research and searching everywhere else, only to find that it was either not available or was way over priced.  C. Uses the N2 Kit with the reader / writer.


N2 Elite With USB Reader Writer

 5 out of 5 Stars.

This damn thing is brilliant, after checking every Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and Toys R US in the New England Area, I finally admitted defeat and ordered this device. I've loaded all the Zelda Amiibos onto it and it's convenient to set it to the first one and just scan through the lot in Breath Of The Wild gaining loot. I could add many more to it, but for now, 17 is good enough.

Worth it all day long, only real complaint is you can't tell what Amiibo is loaded without a PC or Smart Phone. If there was some kind of indicator or number to tell you what Amiibo bank was loaded, it would be quite useful to have on it.

Reviewed by Billy - Billy was super happy it worked as stated and also that he could use it with his phone to load and store his figures.  Billy uses his phone and bought just the N2 Elite without the kit.

N2 Elite

 5 out of 5 Stars.

Works exactly as stated. Very easy to use with my phone. Allows me to only buy the amibos I really like but use any other ones for in game items.

The N2 Elite is quite possibly one of the best addon items you can buy from your 3DS or your Switch system.  Keep your Amiibos in pristine condition and carry around up to 200 of them in one easy to store N2 Elite disc.  No damage to your Amiibo's and your bag will be a lot lighter.  Not to mention yoru Amiibo's will look great on the shelf in their original boxes.